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Rental of museum premises

>> Rental of museum premises
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How to contact the Gallery

Telefono: +39 0552388651
Fax: +39 0552388694
E-mail: direzione.uffizi@polomuseale.firenze.it


We should like to notify visitors to the site that the art historians of the Uffizi Gallery cannot reply to enquiries regarding privately-owned works, especially when these relate to attribution or are of a commercial nature.

Antonio Natali   Director
  Department directors
Fabrizio Paolucci email Dept. of Classical Antiquities
Daniela Parenti email Dept. of Mediaeval and Early Renaissance Painting
Francesca de Luca email Dept. of Late Renaissance, Mannerist and Seventeenth century Painting
Valentina Conticelli email Dept. of Eighteenth century Painting
Giovanna Giusti email Dept. of Nineteenth century Painting, Dept. of Contemporary Art and Tapestries Department
Antonio Godoli email Dept. of Museum Architecture and Layout
Isabella Puccini email Personnel Office of the Gallery
Giovanna Giusti email Documentation office and catalogue of the Gallery
Valentina Conticelli email Restoration documentation archive
Rita Toma email Secretary: exhibition loans
Patrizia Tarchi email Secretary: exhibition loans
Francesca Montanaro email Secretary: exhibition loans
Barbara Vaggelli email Secretary
Antonio Russo email Technical Services
Caterina Campana email Technical Services
Giuseppe Russo email Technical Services
Maurizio Crisante email Technical Services
Gerlando Barbello email Administrative Services
Stefania Santucci email Administrative Services

Technical Services 
Tel. 0552388619-2388741 

Administrative Services 
Tel. 0552388619-2388741 

Technical team 
Marco Fiorilli, Michele Murrone, Ivana Panti, Danilo Pesci, Demetrio Sorace

Supervision service staff chiefs 
Gloria Bertagna, Antonella Brogioni, Daniela Formigli, Patrizia Masi, Lucia Silvari, Fabio Sostegni
Tel. 0552388683

Friends of the Uffizi Gallery (Amici della Galleria degli Uffizi)

The association promotes cultural activities and supports events within the Gallery
www.amicidegliuffizi.it e-mail info@amicidegliuffizi.it

Welcome Desk:
Uffizi Gallery - Entrance n. 2
Tel. +39 055 285610 / +39 055 2646456
Thuesday - Sunday: 10,00 - 17,00

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